[What To Buy in Japan] Steamcream the multipurpose moisturizing cream 

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My husband and I just returned from a 2-week vacation in Japan. We had lots of fun there enjoying the urban vibes in Tokyo and the amazing history and cultures in Kyoto. Of course we shopped a lot and purchased several interesting souvenirs, products, and Japan exclusive items. Out of all the things, this Steamcream has been the best purchase for its uniqueness and effectiveness!

I had no idea what Steamcream was before traveling in Japan. I watched a couple of youtubers recommending drugstore cosmetics prior to leaving for our trip but no one even mentioned this cream. Surprisingly, when we shopped in the department stores and fashionable places in Japan, I had always seen these cute tins on the first counter next to the escalator as well as being the No.1 recommendation by the stores. After having seen them a few times and finally tested at Shibuya Loft, I decided to bring one home and I selected this limited edition named as 377 Hanako.

What is Steamcream?

It is a very simple all-in-one multipurpose moisturizing cream that can be used both on your face and body.

“Our pioneering STEAMCREAM formula – pure and light – deeply hydrates, softens and calms skin. It lifts the signs of fatigue and stree, and restores vitality and energy, giving skin a healthy, sparkling radiance.”

Steamcream is enriched with natural ingredients which maximize the performance by using a steam technique.

“We’ve used a shot of steam to extract the nutrients of oats, orange flower water and chamomile oil, fusing these with essential oils of rose, lavender and orange blossom, to ensure that the virtues of each and every ingredient is optimized, along with the cream’s absorption by the skin.”

A natural and vegan beauty brand.

“STEAMCREAM ingredients come from sustainable suppliers who comply with our non-animal testing policy.”

The Packaging

This cute and graphic packaging  was designed by a Japanese game designer Hiroyuki Takahashi 高橋宏之. All Steamcream products come in this type of tins with twisting lids that are very lightweight yet sturdy.

Steamcream Hanako — the Packaging
Steamcream Hanako — the Back

Test the Cream

I’ve been using this cream nonstop for almost three weeks and enjoying it so much.

The Scent

Steamcream has no fragrance scent. Better than that, it has a very soothing spa type of smell which could come from its essential oil ingredients.

The Texture

It has a super light and even cloudy texture. The most similar thing I could think of is yogurt.


On the Body

This lightweight cream is so moisturizing without any greasiness. As you may know, it is very dry in Japan, especially in its cold and windy winter. On the first couple of days, every night when we came back to our hotel room, after the shower I had to apply a thick layer of moisturizing lotion onto my body and layers of skincare onto my face to avoid any dry flakiness. The first night after purchasing the Steamcream, I tried it on my body immediately when stepping out of the shower room. Surprisingly, only a very thin layer was enough and I found my body skin smooth and hydrated after 10 hours of resting and sleeping.

On the Face

On our flight back to San Francisco, I only had a moisturizing spray and the Steamcream to keep my skin hydrated in my makeup bag. Usually I would have my Laneige sleeping mask which could last over 6 hours for keeping my face moisturized. The Steamcream’s moisturizing power was so long last and effective! The flight was about 9 hours and I didn’t need to wash my face and reapply! My face was so soft and smooth without irritations or dryness.

Overall Thoughts

The Steamcream I bought had 75g of product and cost me 1620 Japanese Yen (about 14 dollars including tax) which was a very good price thinking of its awesome quality. I primarily used it as my body lotion and hand cream but found no problem using it on my face when I need more moisturizer (I live in the Bay Area and it rained A LOT this winter).

I will keep using my Steamcream and will definitely repurchase it on their website https://www.steamcream.com/ that supports international delivery!

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