Month: December 2015


又到年末了,大家都開始準備要在過年過節期間去旅行了吧。所以我在這裡給大家分享我自己的機艙化妝包物品清單(checklist)。可能很多po文都會介紹機艙必備美妝品啦或者保養品推薦,但為了大家更方便,我就來提供一個可下載的pdf清單列表,大家可以按照這個模式製作自己的或者就用我提供的來進行行前準備,hoho~~~ 點機艙化妝包物品清單 來下載哦

How to Organize your In-Flight Beauty Essentials?

Every year, My husband and I kick off the holiday season by booking our annual winter trip. While busy looking for good deals on hotels and flights, I always begin to prepare the travel essentials I am about to pack in my carry-on a month before the actual trip. Today I wanted to share the checklist of

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