How to Organize Your Carry-On Bag?

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IMG_1211 (1)In my last blog post, I shared my in-flight beauty essentials checklist and briefly went through some key products and the skin care routine I recommended to keep you moisturized while taking flights(click here to read it). In this post, I’m sharing with you my checklist for the items you may need in the carry-on bag you take with you onto the plane.

Below is the downloadable pdf document.
My Carry-on Bag  Organization_Checklist

Must-Have Items

  1. Documents. A legal ID such as passport and driver’s license is a must-have when traveling. Remember to check the expiration date on your passport before leaving the country you’re living in. Print out the reservation pages including the flights, hotels, amusement parts and special events you are about to attend during your trip. Having them on your phone is also convenient plus it’s saving lots of paper. The only downside of using digital version is that your phone may not be working well when you need it to be (sometimes my phone was out of battery or the load speed of the page was extremely low when I really needed to get the reservation information).
  2. Cellphone and phone chargers. Well, who doesn’t need it?
  3. Wallet. Make sure you have your cash and credit/debit card ready and usable in your destination.
  4. Pens and notepads. In case you’ll need to fill out some forms on the international flights.
  5. Keys.

Good-To-Have Items

  1. Cosmetic/toiletry bag. See my last post.
  2. Pharmacy  bag. It’s always good to have a “walking pharmacy” with you. The container could be a small pouch or a multi-compartment pill box. I like to have a mini size eye drop, some band-aids, Advil, and a pair of earplugs in my “walking pharmacy”.
  3. Cottonelle wipes.They are wet and soft, sturdy and flushable. I feel these wipes work much better than facial tissues in the restroom.
  4. Ipad/Ipod/Laptop and chargers. To make you entertained and relaxed.
  5. Earphones. In case you don’t want to use the headphones the airlines provide.
  6. Scarf/Jacket. Usually it is very dry and cold up in the air. A long scarf or a jacket can keep you warm and comfy.
  7. Travel pillow and Sleep mask. Good for your neck and low back when sleeping.
  8. Snacks. Bring the snacks that are small and compact as well as provide good nutrition and energy with your, especially for the long flights. They really help! I like All kinds of chocolate/nut bars.
  9. Books and Magazines.


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